Taurus TS30


Welting material from Ledertech

Material from reclaimed leather designed for the production of welting was increasingly improved in the past 20 years and thus became an alternative to leather or rubber. Our company was among the pioneers developing and supplying welting material from reclaimed leather. After the successful introduction of Taurus we have continued our efforts to obtain a light leather colour of the material and smoothen further the surface. Ledertech is glad to present the next generation of Taurus: TS 30.


The objective was to combine improved working properties of the material with future-oriented ecological considerations. Taurus TS 30 will satisfy the welt manufacturer desirous to work only with the top quality. The attractive natural colour and the smooth surface of Taurus TS 30 guarantee a shiny appearance of the welts. This new material is more compact but at the same time surprisingly flexible for outstanding moulding. Bonding as well as stitching characteristics are excellent.

Taurus TS 30 is certified by world famous footwear companies as the welting material without chrome being at the same time free of all dangerous substances. Taurus TS 30 contains less than 1 ppm of PCP (Pentachlorphenol) and is free of colouring agents based on cancerogenous aromatic amines.

The creation of Taurus TS 30 demonstrates that the ecological concept of eliminating hazardous substances can perfectly be combined with the challenge of obtaining improved quality.

Dimensions of Ledertech welting material

The welting materials manufactured at the production plant of Ledertech is supplied in rolls of the following dimensions:

Type Thickness Length of roll
Taurus TS 30 2,0 mm 50 m
Taurus TS 30 2,5 mm 50 m
Taurus TS 30 3,0 mm 50 m
Taurus TS 30 3,5 mm 50 m
Taurus TS 30 4,0 mm 50 m
Taurus TS 30 4,5 mm 25 m
Taurus TS 30 5,0 mm 25 m

The rolls are 0.35 m or 0.70 m wide.