Ledertech is supplying two types of material for heels:

  1. Heelboard (TACON)
  2. Heel covering material (WL C)

1. TACON Heelboard

Ledertech is satisfying the inquiries of customers for heelboard with the well-known quality of Tacon. We recommend this material because it can be easily stamped and buffed leaving the edges very smooth. Tacon is the perfect material for the classical elegant man’s shoe.

Available thicknesses: from 3,0 mm to 5,0 mm
Standard sheet size: 1.00 m x 1.44 m
Surface: light brown colour

2 . WL C – Heel covering material

Many shoe components were formerly manufactured from genuine leather. This was also true for heel covering. In recent years, Ledertech convinced the industry that a material based on leather fibres can come up to this high quality standard. Since then we are known to be one of the leading producers of heel covering material.

WL C is generally supplied in sheets. The standard sheet size is 1.00 m x 1.40 m.

Available colours of WL C: natural, black, coffee.

We recommend the above heel covering material for its receptivity for dyes, the performance in terms of buffing and bonding as well as the good bending resistance combined with high stiffness and good moulding. WL C is part of our new ecological line of products.