Environmental Policy

Chrome Free

Recycling and high quality, can these two objectives be combined?

This is the essence of our task accomplished by an experienced team of leather experts. All our raw material is constantly supervised and tested. We apply strict regulations for the purchase of high quality raw material, the fundament necessary to obtain first class material.

Upon receipt of the leather it is strictly sorted by hand to be classified into special categories. In addition to this manual work, our production process is permanently controlled by computer systems to avoid waste, to obtain quality and to guarantee the standard of our TDS.

Our development team maintains close contact with important test institutes in the world obtaining the latest parameters required in order to certify new products. Innovative and ecological product development require a permanent exchange of results between experts of our field. This is done in a wide range of different industries, leather industry, chemical industry, waste water equipment, paper industry, etc.

Ledertech is positioned in a world where ecological considerations show a manufacturers philosophy and responsibility towards the environment. A future-oriented policy is linked with the challenge of preserving natural ressources. We do not only use leather scraps in order to transform them into raw material of our high tech production process but we also strive to develop products eliminating hazardous substances.

Our latest achievement and contribution to the environment is our White Line - a chrome free product line. These ecological materials even have the benefit of an improved performance in the manufacturing process of our customers. Another demonstration of our objective that ecology and high performance can be combined.

In our laboratory, the quality team is checking permanently the produced material, waste water, online process figures, samples, etc. Therefore, the laboratory equipments are always under control and fulfil the high standard, which is necessary for high quality and permanent development.